The CATHARE code  

CATHARE : Advanced Safety Code for Pressurized Water
Reactors (PWR)

What is the CATHARE code?

The Code for Analysis of THermalhydraulics during an Accident of Reactor and safety Evaluation (CATHARE) is a system code for PWR safety analysis, accident management, definition of plant operating procedures and for research and development. It is also used to quantify conservative analysis margins and for licensing.

The main objectives of the CATHARE program

Who funds the CATHARE program?

CATHARE is the result of a joint effort of :

Where is developped, validated and maintened the CATHARE code ?

The CATHARE team, in charge of the development, the assessment and the maintenance of the code is located at CEA in GRENOBLE.

Contact the CATHARE team

How to obtain the CATHARE code?

The CATHARE code may be delivered under a licence agreement.

The CATHARE licence is agreed by the CATHARE steering committee (the four partners) for well defined uses and with counterparts

Request for the CATHARE code

  The current CATHARE versions
CATHARE 2 V2.5_1mod10.1
CATHARE 2 V2.5_2mod7.1

  New version coming soon (2012)
CATHARE 2 V2.5_3mod2.1

  Description of the CATHARE code

CATHARE is based on a 2-fluid 6-equation model.
Non condensable gases (nitrogen, hydrogen, air) or radio-chemical components can be modelled.

 The assessment of the code
 The main applications of the code

  Use of the CATHARE code
 Focus on applications of the CATHARE code

  A convenient tool for CATHARE
 The GUITHARE tool

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